Samsung Gaming Monitor 24-inch Full HD, LS24D330HSX-UF

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• Model Number: LS24D330HSX
• Super-fast response time 1 ms
• Experience dark blacks with Game mode
• A more comfortable gaming experience with Flicker Free technology

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Experience darker blacks with Game mode

Instantly optimising screen colours and contrast for gaming, Game Mode ensures you get to see game scenes at their best.

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Easy on the eyes for a more comfortable viewing experience

• Eye Saver Mode: Unlike other colours emitted from screens, blue light wavelengths have a more stimulating effect on the retina, causing eye fatigue. Eye Saver Mode optimises your viewing comfort by smartly reducing blue light emissions at the touch of a button. • Flicker Free: Flicker Free technology reduces screen flickering for a more comfortable viewing experience.

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Save energy and the environment with this eco-friendly monitor

• Eco Saving Plus: Eco-saving technology reduces screen brightness for increased energy efficiency. In addition to the two standard manual settings (Minimum at 25% and Maximum at 50%), there is now a brand new Auto Setting that reduces energy up about 10%*, based on the luminescence of the screen’s black sections. The screen brightness transitions fluidly while simultaneously saving energy. • PVC Free: Monitor mechanisms and circuits are constructed without PVC** making for an eco-friendly device, lessening environmental impact. * Based on internal testing ** Some cabling contains PVC

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Specifications for Samsung Gaming Monitor 24-inch Full HD, LS24D330HSX-UF

Brand: Samsung
Type: Monitor
Model Number: LS24D330HSX
Screen Size: 24 inch
Display Resolution:
Display Color:
Panel Type:
Backlight Technology:
Native Contrast (typ.):
Refresh Rate:
Audio Jacks:
Display Port:
Product weight:
Power Supply:
Package Content: